Always Be Organized


Being organized sounds like such a simple concept. You decide to give yourself a structure that is both orderly and efficient for the user to quickly locate any necessary materials. The way organization is interpreted is different for each person. I remember the visiting professor who was around during my internship. I viewed his office as a disaster zone with papers strewn everywhere. To him, it was highly organized and new exactly where everything was within his organizational system. I did walk into his office fearing the accidental movement of the wrong papers and disarm the entire organizational structure.

My own organization is a bit more tidy. I have a computer file for each client with all the research and documents. This is great for when I need to find something quickly, but I still print everything out and have developed file folders for each client to stay organized. I might live in the age of computers, but I do like the physical feel of paper instead of the computer when I am writing or editing.

By organizing oneself before the first meeting, I believe it is easier to stay structured and the paper trail is easier to maneuver in the future.


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