Make Yourself Known


If you are self- employed, you are the product you are trying to sell. That means you have to present yourself as the best product on the market for the needs of potential clients. Here are tips to make your name known.

1.) Network.

This can be done, even if you are shy like myself. Find associations whose members are your potential clients. Whatever you do, do not try to sell them at this time. Just exchange business cards and ask if you can contact them at a later date.

2.) Email.

Gather as much information as you can about a company you wish to sell your service. Research their website and then tailor an email that is specific to their needs. Email is terrific if you do not have the money to invest in advertising. The idea that you “have to have money to make money” is no longer true with the age of the internet. Everyone has a website these days.

3.) Contact people who are advanced in your field.

Find people who have been doing what want to do. Many are happy to assist someone who shares the same passion.

4.) Stay Organized and Presentable

Make sure you are always ready for an impromptu meeting. Make it look like you’ve been in meetings all day but were able to squeeze them in for a meeting. You want to present yourself as successful, but not too busy.

Those are my tips I have found to work out so far. Your friends have careers, make sure you find out what they do and how you can help. Good Luck!


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