How To Write For Your Audience


Before you begin your writing, you must consider the type of person who will read what you plan to write. If people are not interested in what you have to say, you have no audience. If you have no audience, you have no reason to write. When you wish to make an income from your writing, your audience should be considered as a very important person. Here is a short list of how to consider your audience.

1.) Before you write, pretend your audience is sitting before you and think of questions you would like to ask them. Come up with a list of discovery questions and try to consider how your audience would answer those questions. Interview potential audience members directly if that will aid in answering these questions.

2.) Consider what your audience already knows and what they will learn from your writing. Find out how verse your audience is on the topic at hand. They may be brand new learners of your topic, or they could be advanced in the field. This will determine how much description to include in your document.

3.) Determine what your audience will want to achieve after they finish reading the document. You must write with a purpose in mind. Decide if you are trying to inform, teach, persuade, or instruct.

Knowing the audience is an aspect that many writers take for granted, and one that can easily be overcome with a little research. As a writer, if you achieve in helping the audience achieve by using your writing, they will most definitely read more. The audience has to know that when they spent their precious time reading what you wrote, it better help them achieve their goals. Otherwise, that will be the last document they read from you, the writer. If the audience knows you are writing with them in mind, they will find more success out of your writing. This means they will pass the document around, as well as look for more from you in the future.


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