Encourage the Stubborn Self


Being a stubborn person sounds like a negative character trait, but it can also be viewed as positive. We need to each be flexible and be able to see the other side of any story before we are able to make a firm decision to stand upon. Once this decision is made, one must be stubborn to stand their ground and not change their opinion every time they are asked.

I see stubbornness as a positive trait when it comes to a career. My husband has taught me a lot about what it means to be stubborn in this regard. He is a gifted and talented drummer. Music is a difficult profession to break into and a big part of breaking into this business is who are the connections you make along the way. (I also feel this is why many not-so-gifted artists become famous, but I digress.) My husband is stubborn in knowing he is talented and could make a true full time career. Every time someone or something gets in his way, he presses onward because he strives to fulfill this dream.

Stubbornness means you let no one stand in the way of your true calling. My husband has put up with many telling him he will never have such a “non-traditional” career and should get a real job. He has faced many moral and business issues when it comes to running a band.

Being stubborn can be a terrific character trait when used to stand for what you know is right, but also being flexible in our day to day lives is what gives us a good all around character. It also makes us dependable and a good team player.


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