Stuck in the Corporate World


I have been blessed to have been working in the technical writing field for the past seven years. For the past one year, I have not only continued working full time in the corporate world, but took on working part time as a proofreader. In addition to working to jobs, I also took on resume clients and writing articles for two websites. I also volunteer my skills to a non-profit organization in which I believe in their efforts.

Just writing that makes me feel tired. When I have spare time, I network at parties, on social media, and send out fliers and emails. I know this is not much in the way of advertising my brand. I want to do more, but after all of my other obligations, sometimes I would rather just stare at the television or crawl in bed.

I want to take on more freelance projects. I currently work two corporate jobs because my husband and I have a goal to be out of debt by the end of the year. I could work less hours, but I am done paying money for something I already own. My plan is to be finished with the part time job when the debt is paid off. The other goal is to take on enough freelance clients to compensate for the part time job, and eventually the full time job.

Have you transitioned from corporate work to freelance? How did you do it? How did you maintain your sanity by working all the time and running a household? Do you have any tips?

I would like to hear your success stories!


Article Writing


Article writing is a new concept that I had never heard of up until a few months ago. I have been “hired” as a writer for two different companies online where I get paid for every article I write that they accept. I was concerned at first if this was even a legitimate way to make money. One company to write when I want and pick my own topics to write about –within the context of their website. The other company has a plethora of topics that I can scan and claim the topics I wish to write.

These article writing sites allow have been testing my ability as a writer. I come from a background of working full time writing documentation for one piece of software. Article writing gives me the ability to try out all different types of topics and work with copy editors to make sure all guidelines are followed. I enjoy learning and researching new topics, so article writing is a wonderful opportunity.

During my experience so far, I have decided on a set dollar amount per 500 words that I would accept. Some article sites I have seen do not pay enough to compensate for the research and writing I put in to create a unique article.

What are your thoughts on pay-per-article writing?