Shy Person Marketing


I have officially stepped down from my part time evening job. This means I am taking on a more freelance role part time while I still work full time for a software company. The benefit is that I still have a regular paycheck coming from a full time job so I do not have to rely yet on a freelance income. I like to be safe in my own world knowing that all my bills are paid and my lifestyle is maintained. However, being safe can be a downfall because I am not “hungry” for work in the regard of my finances.

However, I am hungry for the ideal of having my own flexible hours and working a variety of projects. I find freelancing gives me the opportunity to work on new skills and learning about topics I would never think to research about without a deadline. This brings me to the point where I am at now. Marketing…..

I admit that I am shy when it comes to meeting new people and putting myself out there. I do not like it. I prefer to hide behind people I know and trust and keep to myself. When I meet others face to face, I get nervous and stumble with getting my ideas across to others. My words fail me in public and I feel like I am being laughed at. My freelance business officially launched at the beginning of the year, but I was able to use being overworked with two jobs as my excuse for not marketing myself. Now I have decided to step out and really work at making a business for myself.

I keep my goals in small bites so I do not get overwhelmed with the big picture. My first goal is to create a direct marketing query letter to mail to just a few businesses each week. I also am going to start remembering to carry my business card so I can talk about my business at social gathering in hopes this will give me practice for more professional networking.

How about you? What comes to mind when you think of marketing yourself?


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