Freelancing: Pros and Cons


Freelancing is starting to become more regular of a job for many of the population. Especially with the downturn of the economy over the last couple of years. Many professionals are choosing to take their paycheck into their own hands. I currently work full time across town for a boss. I honestly enjoy my job, but I feel I would like to use a variety of skills and learn a variety of topics instead of focusing in just software for the metal recycling industry. I would like to learn about other people’s passions and I feel the way I could make that happen is to work more freelance.

I will be honest to tell you that I am the personality that likes it safe. I like knowing my scheduled work hours and what is expected of me. I also know exactly what my paycheck will be each week. I feel safe in the regular and predictable. Some of you may also have that personality. However, the more I think about how much I might enjoy freelancing, the more enticed I am to work harder to achieve this new life as a freelancer.

The best part about freelancing

    The ability to set the alarm clock for a little later than I do now. Just a half hour or hour longer seems perfect.
    Knowing that if I did not want to work at my desk, I could work in the park, or a coffee shop, or out of town.
    Setting your own prices and being your own boss.
    If you do not want to work with a client or on a project, you can turn it down.

The not so good part about freelancing

    Not knowing how much your paycheck will be each week. Some weeks will be better than others.
    You never know how many contracts you will have.
    Everyone things they would make more money working for themselves, but that is not always the case.
    You have to wear all the “hats” of your business. This means you are not always writing.

Let me know your thoughts about freelancing. Those of you who are freelancers, please share what made you decide to freelance and if you enjoy your career. Also include if you freelance full time or part time in the comments below.


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