Show That Winning Smile: Be Your Brand


The benefits of marketing is already starting to show.

You will notice on my site that changes are starting to take place as I develop my personal brand. Twitter has become more my friend this week as I seek out the advice of those who have gone before me and have a successful freelance career. By asking advice, researching, and then just putting myself out there, I am seeing results. Thank you everyone who has helped with the encouraging words and tidbits of advice.

My goals are small. I am trying to post at least every other day and include a picture. Following a few new people each day who I would like to work for also my goal. The plan is to also rework my resume so it looks more like a freelancer is a goal in the next few days.

Seeing that people are reacting positively to my passion and my brand is very encouraging. I know that with a little tweaking and more smiling face to face will be a wonderful benefit. It is true that when I start to see positive feedback, it makes me want to keep going. Now that I feel I have research knowledge and advice from others, I definitely am more confident to get going.


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