3 Tips to Develop Your Personal Brand


The topic of personal branding has come up everywhere in my research. Online and in print when discussing personal marketing technique.

What is Personal Brand?

Having a personal brand is not something you get, but something you already have had your entire life. Your personal brand is how others perceive you. Take a moment to really think how others would describe you. Are you always on time, organized, and meet deadlines? Rate your appearance; How do you dress when you meet with colleagues? Your professional image has been under development from the moment you got your first job, but your personal image is what got you that first job. Your employer needs to know you are a trusted individual with goals to help the company expand. Think back to how you were hired where you work now. You had to convince them you were the best person for the job. That was your personal brand.

Select Your Niche

Now that you realize you have always had a personal brand, you must then decide what you want your personal brand to be known for. Decide on not online a career field, but something specific within that career field. As a technical writer, there are many different skills that can be used for a variety of companies. However, this will make your brand appear unfocused and knowing a little about a lot of different things. Having a niche means you direct all of your brand into one category, such as book reviewing, or copyediting, or medical writing.

Develop Your Personal Brand

Once you have decided on where you are focusing your energy, advertise your skills. Create a logo and color scheme that will be used on everything you use; business cards, letterhead, resume and cover letter, and online website. The idea is that when people hear your name, they will think of your logo and know exactly what exactly to hire you to do.

Showcase Yourself

Now that all of your paperwork matches and you know your niche, the time has come that you must get your name out there. Network at both professional and social events, being sure to hand out your business card and submit your resume. Make sure your appearance is how you want others to perceive your brand. Research social media and websites that discuss your niche topic and ad your discussions. Providing stories and insight shows the world you are an expert in your field.


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