4 Tips About Freelancing From The Dentist


The dreaded dentist appointment. I must admit I used to enjoy my twice a year visits, until I had to go in more frequently for a jaw problem I am in the midst of treatment to fix. I decided to pass the time thinking what I could learn from my buddy, the dentist, while I went through yet another procedure.

Always Be On Time

The dentist will charge for appointments if you no show or try to cancel less than 24 hours in advance. Also, you will not be seen if you show up more than 15 minutes late. As freelancers, we need to show up at our scheduled meeting time with a client and have all the necessary paperwork handy.

Be Patient

I am sure you as well have experienced the hurry up and wait mentality at your dentist. You are on time as required and the nurse takes you back to your assigned chair and politely ask how the day is going so far. Then you wait for your turn with the doctor.

Feel Confident

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect from this appointment, which makes me uneasy. I had to trust the professional knew what he was doing because of his years of experience. Even though I felt ready to run out of that office while waiting for him, I was confident to be in good hands. As a freelancer, we need to feel confident in our skills and others should feel confident to know we are the best person for the job and our client is in good hands.

Always Follow-up

Before leaving the dentist’s office, I am always instructed to make the next appointment to follow up with my care. They want to make sure the procedure worked and to figure out what other needs I have they can meet. As a freelancer, always remember to finish the job and then follow up with another appointment or phone call to make sure they are satisfied and find out what else you can do for them.


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