6 iPad Apps To Aid With Freelancing


My purchase of the iPad last year was specifically to use it as a tool for freelancing. I feel it has great potential to streamline my business and keep all of my essential information close at all times. Never would I think of taking a laptop to a wedding or other social event, but the iPad travels wherever I go now because the opportunity to market myself might arise. Here are some ipad apps that have proven beneficial to myself as a freelance writer and copyeditor.

  • Paper Helper (.99) – When opened, this app has a document source page on one side of the screen and the paper on the other side. This is wonderful for quick searches. I find it easier to switch between the paper and research materials without having to press the home key each time. Plus, the document can quickly be emailed when finished.
  • Good Reader (4.99) – This is the first app everyone told me I needed as soon as as I got my iPad. I was slow to purchase apps and thought I would be okay with Dropbox. This app will not only sync with dropbox, but also with Google. I am able to keep copies of all my files and they are always up to date with the latest version. This is the closest thing I have seen to a file folder system for the iPad.
  • DocsToGo (9.99-14.99) – The first app I purchased last year was DocsToGo. As someone who is used to Microsoft Office, I appreciate the ability to view and edit docs. The downside of this app is when a file is not originally created on the iPad, it must saved and renamed before given the ability to edit. The price difference is between the view only version and the editable version.
  • WordPress (Free) – It is easy to use and keeps me always logged in when I want to post a new blog quickly.
  • Minimal Folio (2.99) – After an exhaustive search of portfolio apps for the ipad, I finally found Minimal Folio. The reason this took time finding is because most portfolio apps for the iPad focus on photography. I wanted more than a bunch of pictures. Instead, I needed a better way to display .pdf writing samples. My favorite part about this app is the ability to number files in a folder in dropbox and it appears correctly with a quick sync of the app. This app also makes it easy to keep one version of my portfolio and scroll not only up and down, but side to side, giving the ability to tailor a presentation to each new person you meet.
  • Bento (4.99) – I use this app as a way to keep my business information up to date. Included are libraries of information that can be customized to each user. Keep a list of projects and a separate to do list. Track expenses and time Billing. Keep customer information and vendors together. I like the ability to always have my customer contacts at hand and changing the priority and status to each list item.

    Understandably, the list of apps grows all the time. This is a list of apps I have come to know and enjoy using. If you are an iPad user, please list what apps you use in the comments below.

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    4 thoughts on “6 iPad Apps To Aid With Freelancing

      • I do transer files using Goodreader and Dropbox on a regular basis. It works quite well. The big downside is I am not able to edit the files within either program, but must save a copy to the ipad and then re-upload to make an update.

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