Book Review: What Every Copy Editor Needs To Read


Reading is something every freelance writer or editor must do on a regular basis to keep current. This editor is the type who reads and researches everything in order to come up with a plan of attach. Just as I read textbooks and created projects during college, I decide to keep up to date with the latest software and techniques used in the field.

Since decided to transition to freelance editing, I find my book collection expanding again as I pursue this endeavor. I find that reading materials increases my self confidence that I know I am approaching a task the right way from the beginning. Over the next couple days, I plan to review a few of my favorites so far in my research.

The Subversive Copy Editor

This author knows her stuff as she explains very candidly about what it takes to be a copy editor and how to approach projects with a writer and publisher. She reminds readers that we are on the side of the reader while we edit material, but we are not out to get the writer or destroy his “baby” during the editing process.
She also takes a chapter to devote to the writer about what is expected of them from an editor. This book is important to anyone interested in becoming a copy editor.


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