The Book Every Freelancer Should Own


Selling Your Services by Robert W. Bly

As a shy marketer, this book has been a blessing to me during my freelancing career thus far. Robert W. Bly is widely known in the field of Copyediting, freelance writing, and marketing. He writes from experience and uses specific examples from his career to enhance understanding for the readers. Although Bly writes from his personal experiences as a copyeditor, the book itself is not specific to the writing and editing field. The tips and tricks he uses are important for anyone who is looking to expand their freelance career through marketing and networking.

Bly explains in this book how society is changing from employees working to make products to sell, to individuals working to provide a service to other businesses and individuals. The book describes easy steps and then builds on the previous step in each new chapter. While reading this book, there is a real sense the author knows what he is describing because he has been in the same position. Templates are provided that he has used to accomplish task.

While reading Selling Your Services, I initially read through this book over the course of just a few days because I was excited to delve deeper into the book and discover more knowledge of the author. My personal copy of this book is littered with post it notes throughout the book that are labeled for me to reference, as I do on a fairly regular basis as I grow my own business. This book is starting to show wear as I continually refer to the tidbits of information.

I purchased other books by Robert W. Bly because of the knowledge he portrays and how universal his methods are to handle marketing the business and interacting with new clients as well as handling client objections. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in having a successful freelance career to get a copy of this book.

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