Coming Out of the Woodwork?


Coming out of the woodwork
Admittedly, I am falling into new territory with juggling a full time job along with the numerous freelance clients that have come across my desk over the last few weeks. Up until now, clients have been coming in once in awhile and most of my time has been devoted to creating my brand and marketing. Since I have stepped out of my shy comfort zone, things have changed. As I type, enough projects are filling my inbox to keep me busy for awhile.

Even though my time is not devoted to marketing, this does not mean I have stopped. Although it has given this shy freelancer more self confidence to start seeing results in the form of actual contracts. Let this be a lesson, stepping out into the great unknown is scary, sure. However, through all of the prospects not interested, there are many who are in need of my brand.

For myself, I have found that giving myself small goals of sending just a few brochures or networking with just a couple people at each event, networking is becoming much easier than when I initially started. I look to see who out there is in need of a service I provide, but I am not trying to “sell myself” by pushing my service onto someone. Making it known who I am and what I do seems to be all that is needed to result in multiple contracts.

Now is the time to get to work!


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