Communication: The Only Way to Get Clients


Good communication is necessary for all types of jobs and relationships. As I am gearing up for another conference call today with a prospective client, I began thinking about the pros and cons of meeting a client face to face versus over a phone line.

Face To Face


  • An easy way to see facial expressions during the conversation.
  • Easy to tell when another party wants to chime in with a thought.
  • Generally faster than waiting for a response to email or IM.
  • Commute time can cut into how long a meeting can last.
  • Cons

  • Points are not remembered as easily due to outside distractions.
  • Someone may be too shy to state what they truly think.
  • Conversations can vear off into other tangents.
  • Meetings can be a waste of time for freelancers if the other party has no interest in committing to a project.
  • Shy people might get tongue-tied and come across as incompetent.

  • Conference Call


  • A person feels safer without the chance for rejection by the other party.
  • The other party can not see nervousness.
  • Ability to hide physical differences so the other party is not bias.
  • Lower cost than traveling to visit for a face to face.
  • Feedback is instant, as with face to face.
  • The availability of each person involved.
  • Cons

  • A person stuck behind the computer tends to forget social skills.
  • Difficult to get a physical impression of how interested the other person truly is.
  • The agenda can be too limited.
  • Personal relationships or understanding are not created within a business interaction.
  • More uncontrolled distractions than in a restricted office setting.
  • Comments can be stepped on by another party during the conversation.
  • If the facilitator is not a strong personality, the call can deteriorate if someone takes over.
  • Please add your thoughts in the comments below and state which you prefer.


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