Buffalo Chicken and Reasons to Freelance Or Not


Since we are approaching the big holiday known as the Fourth of July, I thought I would take a look at working in an office setting versus freelancing. I am sitting here partaking in the event at work that always makes my waistline expand – when a coworker brings food in the office to share. A couple days ago, my boss brought it the most amazing homemade cupcakes with homemade frosting. Yes, I had not one, but two. Today, I am having buffalo chicken dip (also known as “crack” chicken). Again, I can feel my waistline expanding. My dog will be happy to have that extra long walk with me as I compensate, I am sure.

I work full time while freelancing in the evenings. Continually, the idea of working full time from home thrills me. However, I admit that I would miss the office banter, picking on the coworkers, and the “merit badges” (given to a coworker when they do something clumsy or out of character), along with the recipes that would never come out as good if I were to try them and the variety of beverages the boss provides for the staff. Oh yeah, and paid holidays.

I would not miss certain things, however, if I were to start full time freelance and leave the office behind. Starting the list would definitely be the getting up early and getting ready to be seen by people. Also on the list would be the gas and mileage used along with the travel time to arrive at the destination office.

Although I have probably the greatest boss around (in all seriousness), I would not miss having a boss to regularly have to check in with to make sure I am on task. Deciding what task I feel like or do not feel like accomplishing in a day’s work would be my own decision.

What do you think about freelancing versus working in a corporate office? Anything you miss working at home?


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