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A long holiday weekend with family makes it that much harder to jump into the workweek. I decided to spend time this morning organizing my files. I prefer all of my files to be done electronically. The main reason is because it saves paper and allows me to always have files with me for reference. Currently, each of my clients have a folder assigned to them and sub-folders for each project. I keep this information on a flash drive so that I am able to take it with me between computers.

I was in the process if cleaning out my emails when I started to wonder if I should save every correspondence between myself and clients. My personality type when it comes to email messages is to only have messages in the inbox that are in process. Once the event or project has been completed – delete. I sit currently with an inbox full of emails back and forth with clients and I am pondering what to do with them. Here are my options as I see it:

Move each of the emails into a client folder within the email system.
Delete them all
Print and scan them into a .pdf file and store in the client’s folder on my hard drive.
Print them out, along with all of my client files (rough drafts, final edits, ect) and keep them all in a hard copy file drawer in my home office)

In the comments below, please give me your tips on what you do with your email correspondence. Are there rules regarding how long to keep this information?

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2 thoughts on “Email Organization

  1. Sandy

    I’m a subscriber to the CYA (Cover Your A – ahem!) rule :). So I keep everything. This was particularly important in my previous job where there was a high level of government regulation (medical devices). Depending on your email provider, you can set up rules that will automatically direct your email into your client folders. It will save you from having to do it manually and you will be able to see definitively which clients have sent you messages without having to dig through your inbox.

    • I figured I would keep all of my files of course, but I just was not sure how I wanted to organize it. I like the idea of having a folder for each client, but if they are filtered right away, I might miss a new message if it comes in. I will think about this more. Thank you for the idea.

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