Links for Every Technical Writer


Hello there. I am going to take time today and list resources online that have proven beneficial to me in my Technical Writing career.

Techwhirl Online Magazine – Connie and Al have done a wonderful job revamping this magazine and much is planned for the future as they develop the Special Writer’s Unit. If you are a technical writer and would like to write for this magazine, be sure to check them out.

Technical Writing World – If you are a technical writer and NOT on this site, you are missing out on a wonderful professional and social community. This site is a great place to ask for help, create discussions, and shoot the breeze.

Twitter – I never would have thought twitter would help a career. However, following others in my field, along with companies that would hire technical writers has proven to be worth the time. I have had more than a few contracts found this way, along with guest posts and tidbits of information.

Google Reader – An RSS feed of any kind helps to keep the websites I frequent handy without the need to check in with each site individually. When one of the sites puts out an update, it shows up immediately in the reader. Every time I find a technical writing website I find of benefit, I add the URL to my reader. Saves a lot of time researching and staying current with technical writing trends.

Freelance Writing Gigs – This website is updated every single day of writing, editing, and technical writing jobs. I have received a couple projects through this site. It is always worth at least a quick look in the morning.

What are your favorite professional websites?


2 thoughts on “Links for Every Technical Writer

  1. You might also want to consider two other related professional social networks – Assoc. of Tech. Comm. and Tech. Comm. Alliance. See my blog post Soon STC will come out with another one called MySTC. For tech writers doing user assistance, you will want to see Then, of course, there are user groups, such as for Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe RoboHelp, etc. depending on what tools you use. There are many articles on And finally, there are any number of bloggers sharing insights about our profession – start at and follow that blog roll to see more.

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