Part Time Freelance for a Full Time Life


Working a full time job along with moonlighting as a freelance editor can be rewarding. Currently, I enjoy knowing that my day job provides for my family and knowing exactly when my bank will see the increase in funds when payday shows is wonderful. The freelance work right now is extra income and a way to get my brand out into the world.

This weekend is my sister in law’s wedding to the man of her dreams. She has been my friend longer than my sister in law because we were in the same grade in high school and we were in the same circle of friends. It was later that I married her brother and we became sisters. So this wedding is extra special to me because she is my friend and family member all rolled into one.

I mention the wedding because it had shaped how I set up my freelance work for the past few months. I wanted to be there for her and did not want to be stressed out with my own projects. The blessing of not relying on the freelance income (yet) is it gave me the flexibility to turn down projects if the deadlines made me work over this wedding weekend. I was able to negotiate some deadlines to end this past week so they would be out of the way and I could put my mind at ease without having a to do list running through my head.

In the end, if deadlines would interfere, I could make a chose to not take the project on in the first place. Luckily, it never came to turning down projects. I look forward to the day where I can work from home and not have to clock into an office for my paycheck. In the meantime, my focus right now is my family and setting my career up for the time I do decide to take the plunge into full-time freelance. I am also working towards getting all of my finances in order – the debt gone and cars paid off – so my monthly income will not have to be so high when I start.

When you dove into full time freelance, were you ready? Explain in your comments below.


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