Nervousness: The Conference Call


After countless conferences calls both in my corporate job and with freelance clients, it never fails that I become nervous as soon as the suggestion of a conference call hits his or her lips. This should be routine by now, but I find it is not. Especially with a brand new client whom I have never spoke to outside of email. I admit that I fear the unknown the worst. I fear I will get so nervous that I trip over my words, get the time of the call wrong, or not be able to understand the needs of the client.

Even after speaking with a client multiple times, I find myself calm until the clock hits a few minutes before the scheduled time. By now, I should know what to expect, but my nerves take over and I almost have that “fight or flight” anxiety take over. I think up excuses as to why I am unavailable, or decide not to answer the call. After reassuring myself that conference calls are a good thing, I am usually able to coax myself into a position where I can answer the phone with my most professional voice.

Do any of you find it difficult to have conference calls or is there something else routine that you have anxiety about regarding freelancing?

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