Finding Your Niche


It seems there is much controversy among freelancers as to if it is better to devote your brand to one specific type of work, or if you should keep yourself open to anything within the realm of your expertise.

I started in Technical Writing and write help documents full time for a software company. I love this type of work. I write to the point and it is great for a writer without a creative side. As I started freelancing part time, I took on writing help documents for software.

However, I am finding I enjoy editing more than writing. As I start to take on editing manuscripts, blogs, articles, and business documents, I find that these are the projects I look forward to working on. Taking on editing manuscripts is a new experience with every project. Most of the time, these would not be books I would purchase and read on my own. However, I find these new reads fascinating.

So with that, my niche has developed into editing manuscripts. I would not turn down other projects if time allows, but I find it easier when people ask what I do for freelance and I tell them that I edit manuscripts. Straight, to the point, and easy for others to remember when they network my name around.

Do you have a niche?


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