Freelancing Two Feet First or Head First?


Now that our little family is expanding to include a little one, I am faced with the usual dilemmas that all working moms encounter. I currently work full time and run my own freelance in the evenings. I tossed around the idea of cutting back my regular job to part time and still freelance.

However, since I work for a small company, many rules do not apply – including FMLA, maternity leave, and the fact they are not allowed to have part time employees. This makes my decisions a bit more difficult. I eventually want to jump into freelance full-time, but I do not have the clients or the savings built up to trust the bills will be paid. However, I am not keen on holding a full time job along with freelancing. I’m also very keen on continuing freelancing.

So the new challenge is deciding to stay at my current job full time, find another job (hopefully in my field) where I can work part time, or jump full on into freelancing and pray the bills do not fall behind. One the plus side, we are in the middle of job hunting and that will be complete by the time I job-shift. So I do not see that being an issue in the future.

How did you switch to freelance? Did you jump in with both feet or plan a transition with a savings cushion? Share your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Freelancing Two Feet First or Head First?

  1. You might approach your employer and see if they would hire you as a freelance; it might be beneficial for them as you would pay for all your benefits.

    Examine carefully what your rate must be to pay your salary, benefits, and profit. It will probably be more than you think.

    In any case, I would advise staying with your current employer until you have some freelance work signed up. Especially with your growing family.

    • Thank you for your insight. The reason why I am staying with my current employer is because although I have regular freelance clients, I do not have quite enough to compensate for my salary. I plan to approach my employer about working freelance, but am waiting until other decisions have been made before I start to stir the pot.

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