Finding Time to Advertise Your Brand


I realize I have gone too long in updating my blog. This month is busy with house hunting (and the bidding war that followed) along with what comes with moving. All of my energy the past few weeks was working on a manuscript edit. I was on a major time crunch and am blessed with a husband who can pick up the slack around the house for me while I juggle both a full time job and freelance career.

I considered cutting down to part time at my job, but found out that since it is such a small company, they are not eligible to have part time employees without having some type of certifications and paying lots of money. I always wanted to try to become ineligible for our company health insurance the baby and I could both be on my husband’s. This also is not a possibility if I cannot go part time. This means I have decisions to make regarding full time job versus freelance after the baby is born.

When it comes to having a freelance business, I am stuck in a rut. I want to take on more work, but am exhausted with pregnancy, house buying, full time job, and keeping current clients happy that I do not find the time to market myself to find more work. I need more clients to quit my job, but I need to find more hours in the day. However, I do not have the saved income to quit working full time either.

How do you find time to advertise your brand while you have your plate full?


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