Book Review: Help! For Writers by Roy Peter Clark


Help! for Writers

It is clear to any reader of his books that Roy Peter Clark sure knows what it takes to be a successful writer. He has also mastered the art of teaching journalism at any age and make it easy to understand. Overall, Help! For Writers is an easy read and Clark writes in a way that is not intimidating. He writes with the idea in mind that any person can learn to become a writer, or even a better writer.

Each chapter in Help! is short and split up into easy to understand sections. After reading through this book and putting Clark’s tips into practice, this book is a must to keep on an writer’s shelf to reference the useful tips later. Clark also states in Help! for Writers that a writer can only be successful if they are organized and maintain good work habits.

Clark states in his introduction chapter to “Feel free to think of Help! For Writers as an owner’s manual for your writing process.” I am always skeptical at this remark because, as a technical writer myself, this sentence can be tossed out there without much meat behind it. However, Clark is true to his word. This book can be used by anyone new to writing as a way to start the process. Anyone is able to pick up this book and have a basic understanding of the writing process.

I highly recommend Help! For Writers to anyone who is interested in writing, or anywhere along the writing process. There is always room for improving skills and Roy Peter Clark uses this book as a great way to challenge beginners and professionals.

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