A Freelance Writer’s Office


Hello all!
I am excited to tell you that I am all moved into my new house. I am happy to be unpacking and decorating the new space.

Over this past weekend during our move, my writing armoire took a spill out of the back of a pickup truck and into the street. I was not there to see it happen, but my father in law was driving the truck and feels horrible that he broke the furniture. This computer armoire is the only furniture that comprised my “office” since I shared a room with my husband’s office.

This occurrence has me pondering my new office space. This time around I get my own office and need to replace the furniture. Since I have a laptop, I usually prefer sitting on the floor or using the computer with a lap pillow. The desk itself is more used for storage and keeping all of my ideas and projects organized.

I am thinking of changing up things this time with a small desk and lots of wall shelving for my book collection – which is increasing thanks to all the book reviews I am writing.

Think about your current desk situation. Do you like it and does it suit your current needs? Comment below and what you like and do not like about your office.


2 thoughts on “A Freelance Writer’s Office

  1. I have a large (4×6) table that I use for my main desk — I need to have room to spread out — as well as a smaller bar-height table I use as a standing desk when I need to not sit for a while. The wall immediately behind my chair is floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and I keep my reference books there in easy reach without having to move. I have a set of little drawers that sits just to my right to hold things like Post-its and my calculator and stuff like that (one of these days I’ll replace it with something of better quality).

    The office is still a work in progress, but it’s getting there.

    Jennifer Hoffman of Inspired Home Office has a great workbook that helps you think about how to create your ideal office space.
    (No affiliation other than as a happy customer.)

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