Book Review: Take Control of Your Paperless Office, Joe Kissell, O’Reilly Media


Admittedly, I went into reading this book with the notion that my office is paperless for the most part and that I would not learn much from this particular read. However, Joe Kissell did an amazing job of convincing me that there are more ways to go paperless. Kissell specifically mentions ways to decrease the amount of junk mail received into the house and how to perform wireless check deposits.

Kissell does an amazing job of taking what could be construed as a boring topic and brings it to life with stating the case for the paperless office in the first place, and giving a variety of practical tips the reader can take away and incorporate into their own office. Over the course of my reading, I found myself putting the book down to start putting each tip into practice in my office.

Joe Kissell has done most of the research for the reader as far as how to get rid of junk mail, what banks take check transfers, and pricing the right desktop scanner. This ebook even hyperlinks directly to each manufacturers site to help the reader purchase the correct equipment.

I highly recommend taking a quick read through this book and learn the case for transitioning to paperless in your own office. You will not regret it.

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