The Downside of the iPad: Part 1


When the original iPad came out, I was very excited at the possibility to run my freelance business without hauling the laptop with me wherever I went. As a manuscript editor, I felt the iPad had the potential to allow me to bring up a document and edit to my heart’s content. Instead, I feel my time is spent more on getting the iPad to cooperate with my document then actually having productive work time.

The first downfall is that there is no official Microsoft Office program. Documents To Go is a good app to view Microsoft Documents, but a local copy must be saved before the file can be edited. For me, this produces too many “versions” of the document and could be confusing. I want to open a document, make changes, and close out.

On a more personal note, my husband and I use an excel spreadsheet to track spending. I first felt the iPad would be great to add a quick entry, but it takes too much time to open the file, make a local copy, edit the file, and save the local copy to Dropbox. In all of that time, I could have my computer booted up, fixed the file, and saved.

I would love to hear opinions anyone has about how they have overcome shortfalls of the iPad.


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