Book Review: The Twitter Book, Second Edition, Tim O’Reilly and Sarah Milstein


At only 244 pages, this book is not intimidating to anyone who is interested in knowing what Twitter is and how it works. As long as the reader understands basis computer knowledge, they should be able to read through this book and quickly become a twitter expert.

The authors write in easy to understand language and start right at the beginning, which is always a great place to start. The book takes them through how to set up an account, as well as defining the twitter lingo.

Anyone new to Twitter will be able to quickly understand the basics of how to use the site with the help of The Twitter Book. However, some of the information could become overwhelming at first, but be sure to keep The Twitter Book as a reference when you want to revisit old tweets, search for tweets, or have a chat.

As someone who originally did not see the benefits of Twitter and now am an active tweeter, I found the advanced information helpful, such as following live-event coverage and several searches.

The authors do a wonderful job of explaining all of the advanced extra websites that are associated with Twitter, such as TweetMeme to find out the most popular stories, or Topsy to keep track of links to your personal website. I find even the most advanced Tweeters do not know everything that Twitter can do on a regular basis using these sites.

Get The Twitter Book and start Tweeting!

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