Many life changing events (both professional and personal) have been occurring and I apologize for not being more regular in my blog.

Professionally, I will be officially making the transition from full time to freelance. There had been some back and forth because the company I work for wants to keep me as a contractor, but it is a small company and there were many loopholes to work though. Now it is official.

Transition is sometimes the most difficult part. I am currently still working full time and freelancing at night. I have a few terrific clients I am working with right now and having a great time, but it is time consuming to work both gigs and exhausting while being very pregnant and all of that prep work. I am very excited about my regular clients and eager to get settled into full time freelance.

In the meantime, here are my freelance goals:

    Rework this website to have it better organized
    Consider splitting my blog and online portfolio into separate sites
    Blog at least twice a week
    Get my logo finally finished for my website and business cards

I hope to have everything ready to go sometime in May after maternity leave. In the meantime, please be patient. Feel free to give me freelancing tips or work at home mom tips in the comments below!


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