Book Review: 103 Ways To Create Sharp Blog Content: By Sara Lancaster at No 2 Pen SHARP


Have you found yourself sitting down to write your blog article, only to have no idea what to write? It can happen to any writer from time to time. Author Sara Lancaster has been in your place and has written an ebook with 103 ways to not only find something to write for your blog, but write substantial content to make your blog stand above.

Lancaster uses bright colors and pencil tips to highlight headings and to be sure you do not miss important tips. Each tip is numbered to be used as a reference in the future when you are stuck for a blog topic. It is obvious Lancaster did her research in the industry to provide multiple real blog examples to work from and really drive home each tip.

Some of the tips found in this ebook should be common knowledge to the average blog writer. Tip #5 asks you to think about you your readers are and write for them. She goes on to mention that blogs should have limits on how much personal information is given for a professional site, although readers do want a few tidbits of information so they get to know you.

Lancaster uses this ebook to talk with you and not at you. She reminds you in Tip 36 that you are smart and you should listen to your own inspiration. She suggests you think of a topic you are interested in finding out more information and use that as a basis for an article. If you are wondering, perhaps others out there are also wondering.

103 Ways To Create Sharp Blog Content is a quick read and full of useful tips and strategies to make your blog stand out. After you read this book, be sure to keep it handy as a reference for the next time you find yourself stuck for content.

Be sure to head over to No. 2 Pen and check out more by Sara Lancaster and to purchase her book.

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