Back To Work!


I am happy to report that my maternity leave is over and I am back! Officially, I am now a full time freelancer and work at home mom to a 6 week old and so far it has definitely been a huge change as I learn to juggle being a mom and running my business.

The latest to report is that my business name is officially registered and the logo is almost finished. I am so excited to continue to improve this website and hope to have a redesign soon.

Please comment below what you either like or dislike about this website so I can work to keep the good and toss the not so good.


2 thoughts on “Back To Work!

  1. Congratulations! I’m one of your stalkers on Twitter, and about to have a baby, too. (Second one for me). Wish I could lose the day job to strike it out on my own but that’s not going to happen. Glad the baby is getting better. 6 weeks is not long enough for a mat leave!

    • Thank you for your response Vicki! Glad to have you as a stalker 😉 I was very scared to start out on my own full time, so I had been moonlighting for about a year and a half now. After we priced daycare, it was odvious that I should stay home. It is indeed scary, especially when I make most of the income. Good luck to you with extending your family!

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