Review: The Egg Perfect Egg Timer


As with many people, hard boiling an egg is not necessarily difficult. The tricky part is getting the yoke part to be the perfect yellow without being runny or gray in color from over-boiling. I found The Egg Perfect Egg Timer at a home store in town since I had not heard about this product before, I was skeptical.

The concept is simple. Place The Egg Perfect Egg Timer into the cold water with the eggs. As the water boils, the timer changes from red in color to purple, starting with the edge and in toward the middle. The timer becomes more purple in color the further hard the eggs turn in the boiling process.


    When the eggs are turned off and taken off the stove when the Egg Timer is turned the color purple you intend, the eggs are consistently boiled appropriately and I have not yet seen a gray yoke.

        The Timer cleans well and turns back from purple to red as it cools, so it is easy to use over and over again.


        The colors red and purple are hard to distinguish between, especially through boiling water.
        The white text is difficult to read through the boiling water.

      Although I do highly recommend The Egg Perfect Egg Timer for the best cooked eggs, I would recommend the company try different colors instead of red to purple so it would be easier to read. I also would find it an improvement to find a way for the “timer” to actually sound at each level of doneness so the user does not have to stand there and watch water boil.

      Have you used The Egg Perfect Egg Timer? Please add your thoughts below.


Branding: Why You Need It


Hello! I hope you enjoy the look of my new website. I am excited to present my new brand to you.

Why Do You Need A Brand?
You need to have something that makes other easy to recognize your business. If done correctly, a logo can portray a lot of emotion without a lot of words. I want those who come in contact with my brand to smile and know that my brand is down to earth and easy to work with to get your project finished in a timely manner to the best of my ability.

Brand Yourself
I highly recommend you read the book Branding Yourself by Erik Deckers and Kyle Lacy about how to create your brand. This book is whitty as the authors use terrific examples on how to create your brand using social media.

Be Professional
Just having a logo and professional business card portrays yourself as someone who strives to go the extra mile to succeed. It gives a sense of added value to your business and people will pay for the brand.

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My New Boss


He may only be seven weeks old, but he is very demanding on directing my time both day and night. My newborn has definitely changed everything I knew about working from home. He might sleep a lot, but he also feeds and cries a lot at unpredictable times. It always seems I just get him down for yet another nap and he does not stay asleep very long. This new mom sure has a lot to learn, but here is what my new boss has taught me so far:

Time Management

I have learned that the second his eyes close and I am able to put him down for a minute (or two?) I find something to do, such as fix his bottles, eat a sandwich, or play with the dog. I find myself being more productive both personally and professionally because I cannot spare one moment when he is sleeping.


My new boss weighs roughly thirteen pounds. Just enough to become heavy over the course of the day. I have learned how to juggle his little frame while running errands, attending webinars and teleconferences, and feeding the dog.

Working at Home is Not for the Faint

I always knew being a stay at home mom was a full time job and I always admired how they got so much done at home. It takes a strong person to care for their little one 24/7 along with freelancing. I am still trying to find all the hours in a day.