My New Boss


He may only be seven weeks old, but he is very demanding on directing my time both day and night. My newborn has definitely changed everything I knew about working from home. He might sleep a lot, but he also feeds and cries a lot at unpredictable times. It always seems I just get him down for yet another nap and he does not stay asleep very long. This new mom sure has a lot to learn, but here is what my new boss has taught me so far:

Time Management

I have learned that the second his eyes close and I am able to put him down for a minute (or two?) I find something to do, such as fix his bottles, eat a sandwich, or play with the dog. I find myself being more productive both personally and professionally because I cannot spare one moment when he is sleeping.


My new boss weighs roughly thirteen pounds. Just enough to become heavy over the course of the day. I have learned how to juggle his little frame while running errands, attending webinars and teleconferences, and feeding the dog.

Working at Home is Not for the Faint

I always knew being a stay at home mom was a full time job and I always admired how they got so much done at home. It takes a strong person to care for their little one 24/7 along with freelancing. I am still trying to find all the hours in a day.


4 thoughts on “My New Boss

  1. I can absolutely and completely relate! I started my online business when my son was just a couple of weeks old. He just turned two this week. It seems as soon as you get into a routine with them and you feel that you have it semi-figured out that they decide to change their schedule! I would say that this work-at-home lifestyle has taught me to be VERY flexible.

    • So far we are doing great. It is definitely a different lifestyle than working in the corporate world. I feel I am just starting to get the hang of it, but now I am sure his schedule will change. It is amazing how much work can get done in the middle of the night!

  2. I remember what it was like working from home with a newborn and then a second one two years later. In addition to using every minute of every day as efficiently as I can–a habit I’m trying to unlearn or at least tone down for my own sanity–I also learned to let somethings go. I’m a neat freak, but there’s only so much my spouse and I can do to stay ahead of the mess. Sometimes you just have to live with the dirt.

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