Review: The Egg Perfect Egg Timer


As with many people, hard boiling an egg is not necessarily difficult. The tricky part is getting the yoke part to be the perfect yellow without being runny or gray in color from over-boiling. I found The Egg Perfect Egg Timer at a home store in town since I had not heard about this product before, I was skeptical.

The concept is simple. Place The Egg Perfect Egg Timer into the cold water with the eggs. As the water boils, the timer changes from red in color to purple, starting with the edge and in toward the middle. The timer becomes more purple in color the further hard the eggs turn in the boiling process.


    When the eggs are turned off and taken off the stove when the Egg Timer is turned the color purple you intend, the eggs are consistently boiled appropriately and I have not yet seen a gray yoke.

        The Timer cleans well and turns back from purple to red as it cools, so it is easy to use over and over again.


        The colors red and purple are hard to distinguish between, especially through boiling water.
        The white text is difficult to read through the boiling water.

      Although I do highly recommend The Egg Perfect Egg Timer for the best cooked eggs, I would recommend the company try different colors instead of red to purple so it would be easier to read. I also would find it an improvement to find a way for the “timer” to actually sound at each level of doneness so the user does not have to stand there and watch water boil.

      Have you used The Egg Perfect Egg Timer? Please add your thoughts below.


3 thoughts on “Review: The Egg Perfect Egg Timer

  1. Jon Rams

    I have this product and it does the work, once concern I have however is that the item when boiled will release a strange chemical odor which I am a bit concerned if it will get leaked into the eggs. I have been doing a lot of research in plastics and some of the materials used to create plastics include mercury and other chemicals that could be potentially dangerous to humans. I wish someone could provide more information about this item and to see if it could be potentially toxic.

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