Marketing: The Sales Letter


Applying for corporate positions typically requires a resume and a cover letter directed to the specific company in hopes of gaining an interview. This is how I have always gotten my full time positions. Now as a freelancer, I network and directly everyone to my website to view an online portfolio. However, there are many methods to gain work.

Now that I am looking for clients, I must be more creative to obtain work. I cannot wait until someone tells me they are in need of my services. I am working more towards a career in manuscript editing (both fiction and nonfiction) and so I must make this skill known to potential clients. Although there are many ways to network and make your brand known, today I am going to focus on the sales letter.

A sales letter is a form of direct mail that is unsolicited. It is used as a method of introducing your brand to a company in the industry you seek to work with. Since I would like to work more in manuscript editing, I plan to send my sales letter to publishing companies to make it known that I am available and inquire to then if they have a need for an editor.

Direct marketing is a new concept for me, but I would like to focus my niche and this would be a way for my brand to be placed in front of those most in need of my services.

Do you use a sales letter or other method of direct marketing? Explain how it has worked for you.