A Marketing Shortcoming


One thing with being a freelancer is you not only have to be great at your trade, but you also have to be great at running your business. This includes administration, financing, payroll, and of course, marketing your brand.

My degree in technical writing did not include business courses. One reason I became a technical writer is because I am good at marketing or finances. However, this is a shortcoming that must be overcome in order to succeed.

First, I had to decide what my brand looks like and create my niche. Then, I had to work to get the word out that I am open for business. After hard work of passing out business cards, word of mouth, emails, and other marketing, I did it. I got a request for a quote.

I never thought that negotiating a price can be difficult. Just like anything else, you have a price in mind and so does your client. The key is to negotiate to a price where everyone is happy to come to a contract agreement.

I know how much I should charge for my services, but I also know how much I need to make to pay the bills. However, sometimes I get so excited about wanting to work with a specific client or on a specific project that I do not care what the price is. When clients have a limited budget, I am more than happy to work within that budget, but am starting to learn that that becomes a turn off to clients. I am still trying to learn why, but I think I could come across as more in need of the project instead or unsure of my abilities.

How about you? Have you come across marketing shortcomings as a technical writer?