Learn from direct market selling


So far, 2014 has found me learning how to market myself all over again. College training has taught me how to be a writer, but not a business owner. Learning to market my business is where I struggle and am learning each day what my talents are and how to share my insight with others to find the next project.

Last year, I started selling Thirty One Gifts because I felt that learning how to sell a physical product could help me sell my editing and writing services. Working for a direct sales company has improved my confidence to get in front of others and demonstrate the product. The owner of Thirty One Gifts, Cindy Monroe, started her company from her basement ten years ago. She has managed to turn it into a top company in the direct sales market. Her company started when she was working full time and was never able to shop the local boutique shops that were not open in the evenings. She partnered with one of these companies to sell the products in homes.

Many companies start when individuals have an idea and try to market themselves. I am also learning that perhaps in hindsight, a few marketing classes might have helped. However, learning through selling Thirty One Gifts has proven challenging and a fun way to learn. I am developing skills and gaining more networking connections that help with my editing business.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever used an unconventional method to gain a skill?


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