Write your goals down on paper


I was involved in a wonderful conference last night about setting our goals for 2014. The director on the call mentioned that only 3% of the population write their yearly goals on paper. Those that do take the time to write goals down and post them are more likely to achieve them. This makes sense as to why many new year’s resolutions fail – they are not down on paper.

As I think back over the years to goals I have achieved. I admit that I am always one to write down major goals. However, I tend to close the journal or loose the paper these goals were written and then they never get achieved.


This is the year I am reevaluating how I want to run my business. In the past, my freelance editing business has been a side project. I always wanted to eventually make it a full time job, but I never felt ready to take the leap. There was always the choice if I wanted to take on a project or not because I never relied on the income.


The directly last night mentioned that a goal will be achieved if they stretch your limits and you have a drive to achieve them. Now that I am officially unemployed from my full time job, this is the year of my goals being achieved. All of them. Because I am writing them down and committing to them with a passion. I am so glad I made the effort to join the conference last night and am provoked to see my goals on paper.

Here is a sample of my goals that are written on paper for the year 2014. They are proudly on display in my office where I will see them regularly and they will become real this year. The posted list in my home is more specific, but here they are:

  • I have set a monetary monthly income that I will earn.
  • I have increased the number of thirty one parties I will host.
  • Call every past client and check in with them accordingly.
  • Mail out an introduction letter to announce that I have changed from part time to full time and actively seeking work.
  • Write a blog post every day and define each week’s schedule.
  • Write an Ebook.

There you have it. Some of my goals, written now on my blog to be held accountable. Once my goals were written out, I admit I feel a sense of relieve and of urgency as my goals are defined and my to do list is being developed to take on each of my goals in bite size pieces.

How about you? Are you the person who has written your goals down and achieved them in the past? Will you write your goals out this year? Share your thoughts below.


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