Odd jobs can turn into fun jobs


At the end of the day, I like to feel accomplished. That could mean as a wife, a mom, a freelancer, or anything. Just as long as I feel there was something I could cross off either my own to do list or that of someone else.

Either I have the skills or I find them. Working as a small business or for a small business has shown me that your role might be defined, but that does not mean you don’t wear other “hats” when needed. I am the worker type. Give me a task and I will find a way to make it happen.

The “worker bee” mentality comes in handy when looking for work. I do not feel any task is beneath me and I am more than willing to help out where needed. It helps me discover talents and I can cross off something from a to do list. Sometimes it shows me what tasks I do not like. Such as painting a house. Not into it, not really fun, but happy to help when I was needed. More than happy when the project gets finished.

I started my Thirty One Gifts business as a way to obtain free and discounted products solely because I enjoy the product and appreciate the company’s foundational principals. What I never realized is how much this passion could turn into an “odd job” and then into a “fun job”. The more I put into it, the more I receive from it. It has also allowed me to supplement my income at a time where it is more needed. I also find it enjoyable and look forward to not only parties with my hostesses, but also the optional meetings. The encouragement has kept me going.

Have you had an experience where you took on a job or project to help out someone that turned into something more valuable and fun for you? Let’s here about it in the comments.


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