Present Networking For Your Future


I was reading this article on The Career News about how everything we say and do is a way to pitch ourselves to future clients. Being someone who has become used to those rejection letters it speaks of has me thinking. Rejection is really hard to take, especially when you know you are strong in your work ethic and skill set to be able to provide any future provider and excellent employee. The job search is a daunting process and is a knockdown blow to many unsuccessful seekers who might have high skills, but resort to under-employment just to have some type of paycheck to bring home.

As I think back to how I have achieved most of my jobs, it is not because I spent countless hours each week scouring all the job boards and papers I knew of (trust me, I did) but it was because during the time I was actively job hunting, I told everyone I knew that I was in the market for a job. Those I never thought would ever help me were the ones that overheard or knew of, or somehow had a connection or a clue of who I needed to talk to and directed me there. If I never thought to tell them I was in the market for a job, and being specific to what type of job, then they would have no idea to be on the lookout.

Also, staying honest with others when they might see you have a job lined up, be sure to speak up if it is A.) not what you are looking for but at least a paycheck while you are still looking, or B.) A temporary job that ends at such and such date. Your friends and acquaintances need to know your job status and what you are looking for. For instance, tonight I went to a cookout with some great friends of ours. They invited over some friends from our past and while it was wonderful to catch up with them, it was also interesting to hear about their current job endeavors and gave me the freedom to talk about my job. In the end, we decided our direct paths do not cross professionally, but we both learned more and will be able to keep ears open for possibilities.

I have also learned through my Thirty One business that not everyone has ever heard of the product. We were helping a friend’s family with a house project and they asked how the job was going. When the response is, “What job?” it means I have not done a good job keeping them in the loop. It also gave me the opportunity to mention temporary projects I am working on in my writing career, what types of jobs I am currently looking for, and it opened a door to mention my Thirty One business and the possibility of a party with her when they finish their house move.

Do you have a story of how your networking turned into a job or tips for networking? Tell us below.


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