Walking the plank is easier than direct marketing


Every freelancer knows that you can only stay working when you have work to perform. Over the past couple years, I have worked a direct marketing company called Thirty One Gifts to help get over nerves of public speaking and marketing. To me, sometimes selling a tangible item, IE organizational bags and purses, is an easy test than selling a service.

I decided to perform direct marketing with my neighborhood. A brand new catalog season was just revealed and I am hosting an ice cream social at my house in honor of the new catalog launch. This is an excellent way to 1.) get to know the neighbors, 2.) get product in front of them, and 3.) open the door to conversation about my writing and editing business.

Networking is essential no matter the product or the service. The more people you tell, the more people can tell others and eventually, you could get a referral. I could tell myself this in my head a million times, but it does not change the fact that this freelancer is not thrilled about actually having to do the direct market. It is scary stuff and walking a plank or fighting a lion might seem easier some days. However, I took my son in his stroller and out we went. I will say I made it back home in one piece and we will see how successful turnout becomes.

What are your thoughts on direct marketing? Do you go door to door or how do you perform direct marketing?


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