It’s the sound…..of Spring cleaning


Suddenly, the sound of Spring cleaning has wafted throughout my house. It could be because I now have a toddler who is more than happy to be “mommy’s little helper” and even though it might take all day to get one room clean, he is entertained and I end up with at least a room with less clutter and perhaps more soap on the floor than I would normally use. Today has been a pleasantly warmer day and I chose to enjoy the 50 degree with here in NW Ohio. I had the windows down in the car and the fresh air was a blessing to my breathing.

Spring cleaning to me brings a freshness and I find myself smiling more just because I see grass outside or hear birds singing triumphantly to their mates. It has also brought me to the idea that I need a bit of reorganization and freshness throughout other facets of my life – including my blog. This past year has put me in a defeated slump with unemployment and sickness raging throughout my household. Now that much of that has passed, I have a renewed sense of adventure.

That stated, I plan to blog regularly as I once did and you will see more chatter from me. I hope you enjoy seeing more from me in the coming weeks. If you remember at the beginning of 2014, I wrote about the goals I have set for myself this year when I discussed writing goals down on paper. I have this list of goals on the inside of my organizational planner (which I plan to explain my planner at a later date) and am reminded of my goals each day when I work on my to do list and project planning. I have found that having these goals stare me in the face each day makes me feel challenged to achieve those goals. I will discuss these goals further in detail as they are achieved throughout the year.

If there is any topic you would like to see me discuss on my blog, please feel free to comment below for possible inclusion in upcoming posts. Thanks for sticking with me throughout the years. It means a lot!